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Forensic Cleaning
Tasked to come in behind a police SOCO team, or by a local council because of infection prevention and control issues at a property, or even by private clients who for any reason, want the very best cleaners, with the highest standards, recognised training, and the very latest scientific technology: - an NACSC Rapid Response Team equipped with the latest technology from 'CopperTree Forensics Ltd' is what you get when you task us to clean forensically on your behalf.

The Forensic Investigation Torch (LED) range we have, operates in the Blue, Green and White wavelength spectrums.

Between these three and the UV light we already have, we will be able to cover off most eventualities at any crime scene scenario, from human biological traces to gunshot residue to blood on the darkest and most difficult surfaces.

CopperTree Forensics have invested heavily in R & D to make the LED lights we have are more powerful and higher quality than any other provider. They have tightened the wavelengths to almost Laser quality, but without the H & S issues of class 4 and given them more power.

The result is that for the first time, Policing, Forensic Services, Medical Facilities and Cleaning companies have light sources that can be used in light polluted scenarios, even daylight.

The advice is always to darken a room if possible, but the quality of the F.I.T range enables use when there is polluting light, so not delaying examination.

The FIT lights are also currently used in SARCs (Sexual Assault Referral Centres) to assist in the cleaning process, between examinations. Indeed, 'CopperTree Forensics' conducted research with Staffordshire University to prove that the lights improved cleaning technique and identified traces not otherwise identifiable, so improving the service to victims and avoiding miscarriages of justice.

The F.I.Ts are used from The MET Police to the NYPD (and Hampshire Constabulary) and because of their unique nature (i.e.- can be used in polluted lights scenarios) are being used in the next series of Silent Witness.

Numatic CRQ370-2 Clean Room Class 100 vacuum
Numatic CRQ370-2 Clean Room Class 100 vacuum cleaner with 12 litre capacity. 1200w Twinflo motor and a 5 stage HEPA filtration design provides a certified operational performance of 100% down to 0.1um particle size. The motor & filter module are housed in an all steel power head & the drum is polypropylene. The CRQ370 meets the Clean Room Class 100 specification that is needed within many specialized operations. Comes c/w A1 Kit which comprises: 1 x 300mm Combination Floor Nozzle 1 x 240mm Crevice Tool 1 x 2.4m Nuflex Threaded Hose 1 x Stainless Steel Tube Bend with Volume Control 2 x Stainless Steel Extension Tube 1 x Double Taper Hose/Tool Adapter 1 x 65mm Soft Dusting Brush 1 x 50mm Upholstery Nozzle 150mm 1 x Slide on Brush for Upholstery Nozzle.

The Numatic NHL 15 Commercial Extraction Carpet Cleaner
The Numatic NHL 15 Commercial Extraction Carpet Cleaner is an extraction carpet cleaner with a 15 litre capacity that has been designed for commercial use. Although their performance would suggest otherwise, Numatics's CT and CTD machines are affectively wet and dry vacuum cleaners that have been adapted into extraction machines. The NHL 15 is completely different - it has been designed from the ground up to be a extraction cleaner fit for commercial use which has led to the NHL having a number of innovative features.

A big problem in both carpet cleaners and scrubber dryers is foam. As water and cleaning solution is picked up by the machines it turns to foam which sits on top of any water the machine has already collected. As the water level in the machine rises the vacuum draws the foam through the filter which doesn't engage due to the foam being light. Foam then flies straight into the motor which damages it and drastically reduces the motor's life. The NHL 15's domed top prevents that from happening. Solution picked up by the NHL passes up the wand set, hose and into the machine. Inside the machine it is pulled through a pipe and sprayed onto the underside of the lid. The solution then runs down the lid and around the sides of the drum which has an amazing de-foaming affect.

Formula 429 Plus Anti-Microbial - Product Description
'A cleaning product that combines a patented formulation of biocides' (NHS Smart Solutions HCAI2009 Winners) Probably one of the most accomplished Anti-Microbial treatments available, and an utterly fabulous product to use ... 'A cleaning product that combines a patented formulation of biocides' (NHS Smart Solutions HCAI2009 Winners) A recent 2010 winner of the 'Smart Solutions HCAI' (Health Care-Associated Infections) for infection control.

Formula 429 provides a fabulous product to use, with a very slight foaming action. Has been independently tested and accredited to provide a Log Kill of 6!!! (That's a millionth reduction!!) (Ref: Bleach with a lesser Log Kill of up to 3).

A Water Based Anti-Microbial with broad spectrum kill and residual control.
(E.g. From Hospital Ward de-contamination, to use as the ultimate, day to day, maintenance system in the cleanest of Domestic homes, large or small)

Numatic HZ200 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner
The HZ200 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner (previously the HZQ200) is part of the Numatic range of HZ vacuum cleaners that have been specially designed for use in environments where hazardous is present.

The HEPA filter module is mounted in an all-steel container and ensures the vacuum provides an H13 99.95% filtration efficiency, essential when working with hazardous dust to prevent them from becoming airborne.

The HZQ 200-2 features an all steel power head that incorporates full Twinflo' motor and Non-cable plugged cable system.

With a primary pre-filter in this container, the machine is designed to operate with Hepa-flo dust bags ( see related items) to ensure the HZQ200-2 can be emptied with ease and safety.

When maintained correctly the HZQ200-22 is ideal for environments such as schools and workshops where asbestos and other hazardous dust may be present.

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